About Us

Agate & Co. Builders Founded in 2003

We provide the personal attention and courtesy that you expect from a small business. At the same time, we work with the resources, updated methods, and broad range of skills typical of larger companies. Glass, marble, brick, concrete, and exotic hardwoods are among the materials we’ve mastered. Our work involves careful analyses and tests, an emphasis on structural integrity, and an understanding of aesthetic principles. With our network of design and construction professionals, we’re capable of handling every aspect of a project. From the electrical wiring to the decorative tiles, each detail is executed flawlessly. Our background includes decades of construction experience, college-level business management training, and the discipline that comes from military service. We hold ourselves and our employees to exacting standards.

Beliefs & Mission

Our mission is to deliver superior results that will make our customers happy. We combine the skill and integrity of old-world craftsmanship with the advantages of modern technology. To create beautiful living spaces that last for decades, we conduct our construction projects with honesty and professionalism. No detail gets overlooked. We strive to update our skills, refine our techniques, and undergo training for new tools and technologies. We believe in lifelong learning and superlative work.

Why Hire

Agate & Co. Builders

Highly qualified design and construction professionals work for our company. Drawing on their expertise and skill, we successfully manage every stage of a construction project and attend to each detail. Everything comes together beautifully. We’re responsive to your needs, and we stake our reputation on exemplary work.

  • 35 plus years of construction experience.
  • Reputations amongst customers, architects, and other contractors for exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service.
  • Value added renovations due to our intense efforts to create high performance sub-structures that outlast the competition.
  • Friendly, professional, courteous staff in your home.
  • Knowledge and use of the most advanced construction materials.
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Submit the form below or call us at (888) 471-0116 to schedule your initial consultation. Construction projects are major investments. With Agate & Co. Builders, you can be assured of superlative results and peace of mind.